Sarasota Beats Jersey!

First let me thank you for putting down your cheesesteak  long enough to check out my web site. Come on…I kid. I too once lived through the long winters in Philly and in Jersey. In fact I still brave the cold a few times a year to see my family and grab some rolls. Florida just hasn’t figured out how to make bread yet, but I assure you we’ve got just about everything else right!

Now that your here, take a minute to click around my web site. You’ll soon understand why I gave it all up for powdered sand, great food, arts, entertainment, top rated schools…..oh and let’s not forget the average high in Sarasota is 85*!

Click here to explore Sarasota’s inviting neighborhoods. Just be warned, you may not want to leave! No worries, no registration required.

The Paparazzi might not be welcome, but the celebrities sure are. See why Hollywood’s hot list is calling Sarasota home!

I’m happy to help you with all of your real estate needs.

Warmest wishes and Best regards,

Daria Spina

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